What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job

If you’ve lost a job, gig work, or are struggling financially right now, here are a few things you can do:

  • File for unemployment. The coronavirus relief package that the Senate passed recently is expanding unemployment benefits — extending the length of time people will receive full pay as well as raising the weekly maximum benefit. More good news: contractors, gig economy workers, freelancers, etc. will be made eligible for unemployment. There is also guidance that states should allow flexibility around unemployment for workers who have been furloughed, are under quarantine or have left work for fear of infection.
  • If you’re a homeowner or have other recurring monthly debt, call your lender and ask them to pause your mortgage payments and get into a forbearance program. You can try the same thing for car loans, credit cards or other recurring debt.
  • If you rent, talk to your landlord. Many cities have halted evictions. Some of the same flexibility in payments being offered to those with mortgages could allow landlords to get a break on their monthly payments for properties they rent to people.

Source: NPR Life Kit

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