Thrive Instead of Survive COVID-19

I believe we can all agree this has been an extremely stressful year for everyone. Honestly, I feel successful making it this far and this meme pretty much sums it up.

Below are 5 ways to help manage your stress during this stressful time.

1.  Show grace to yourself and others

Are you feeling extra tired or fatigued right now? That is a normal response to prolonged exposure to stress. We often are our own worst critic and you need to cut yourself some slack. Keep in mind everyone’s situation is different and whether you agree with them or not treat everyone with extra kindness.

2. Start and end each day recharging

During stressful times it is easy to neglect taking care of ourselves. Begin and end the day with something that recharges you and helps you re-center. This can be reading, walking, working out, or meditating.

3. Set a routine

Those with kids understand the importance of maintaining a schedule. For adults, this can be very helpful as well since having structure reduces anxiety and helps us to stay on track. For those used to commuting, schedule time for a “virtual commute” by taking a 10-15 minute walk to decompress and process the day.

4. Stop watching so much news

TV, social media, video games, and playing on a computer are great ways to pass the time. The challenge though is to find balance and not spend too much time doing these activities. Several studies have shown these activities will increase your stress levels.

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