Ways to Reduce Stress

Since the pandemic started last year people have had to make major life changes. Many people are now working from home and may not be aware that they are working more hours. The combination of increased workloads and the pandemic has led to employees feeling increased stress.

Here are 6 ways to effectively reduce stress…

1. Prioritize life – Having a to-do list is important but is often overwhelming. Instead, try creating a “Focus List” each day on the 3-7 items that must be done before the workday is done.

2. Avoid Tight Deadlines – When assigned a new project or working with a new client, set a deadline that provides enough time for you to comfortably provide your best work. Having too many large projects with tight deadlines causes burnout and will make you more error prone.

3. Take Breaks – It is important to take some breaks. Remember to get outside for a few minutes or take a walk to clear your head and get some vitamin D.

4. Avoid Distractions – Too often when we get overwhelmed it is easy to get distracted. Do not leave your phone on your desk to be able to easily grab it.  Track your daily activity on your mobile phone. You may be amazed how much time you spend on social medial apps.

5. Do Not Get Cluttered – Keep an organized space. Get organized and stay on top of the little things that you must deal with every day. If an email takes a couple of minutes to respond, it may be easier to just respond to avoid having a bunch of items clutter your to-do list. 

6. Stay Positive – Do not listen to the negative voices in your head robbing you of peace. Instead, stay focused on the big picture to keep perspective. Never be afraid to ask for help if the work is too much for you to handle alone.

In these challenging times, you must take care of yourself. At the end of the day, work will always be there, so do not lose sight of what is important. Set boundaries, stay positive, and stick to your plan!

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