Happy 4th of July – “They Were Determined to Keep It That Way”

Tricornered hats, fancy waistcoats, and tight knee-breeches. For many Americans, this is what comes to mind when we think back to July 4th, 1776. Perhaps that is understandable. We are now—today—almost 250 years removed from the birth of the nation. But is there anything else about revolutionary America that might help us feel closer to our founding fathers?

This question was recently taken up by New York Times bestselling historian and author, Thomas Fleming, in his book What America Was Really Like in 1776. What was Fleming’s conclusion?

“Those Americans, it turns out, had the highest per capita income in the civilized world of their time. They also paid the lowest taxes—and they were determined to keep it that way.”

Today, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, we have an opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of pragmatism that drove America’s founders to take control of their financial lives. More than nostalgia, tapping into our national instinct is more important today than ever before, as life in America gets more complex and onerous with each passing decade. Tax laws, retirement planning, Medicare enrollment, Social Security planning, benefits selection, education planning, health care expenses, budgeting, purchase decisions, cash management, credit cards, estate planning, insurance planning, liability protection, asset protection, gift strategies, debt repayment, wills, trusts, incapacity planning, financial aid, credit management, student loans, charitable giving, and legacy planning. We believe your financial freedom is as important today as it was for the first generation of Americans. Sometimes, it just helps to have someone put all the pieces together for you. As always, our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals stands ready to assist: financialplanning@bfsg.com.

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