Catch the Replay of BFSG’s The Art of Healthy Living Webinar

If you would like to revisit any portion of the BFSG hosted presentation “The Art of Healthy Living” presented by Lauren DeWolf, MS, RD, CWHC, it is now available On Demand by clicking here (while complimentary, registration is required for On-Demand viewing as well). During the webinar, Lauren explains stress and its relationship to wellbeing, the power of produce, environmental modifications we can make to create a supportive environment, and how to boost mindfulness with meals.

Do Not Lose Sight

These words have just been sitting heavy with me lately. As I think about them it has so many different meanings and is something, I just wanted to share.

1. Do Not Lose Sight of the Finish Line – The end of the year is in sight so make sure to complete any goal or projects you wanted to complete this year. Too many people run out of strength and do not complete things that they start. Take advantage of this time by staying focused and finish strong.

2. Do Not Lose Sight of Yourself -We have all been impacted by COVID but some worse than others. If your finances or health has been negatively impacted this year, do not isolate yourself but reach out and seek help. Contact us if you have nowhere else to turn.

3. Do Not Lose Sight of Loved Ones – During this pandemic too many people have been negatively impacted and we are seeing a larger number of people struggling with addiction or suicide. Reach out to loved ones just to check-in, especially if they live alone.

4. Do Not Lose Sight of What is Important – We are approaching elections and amid great turmoil in our wonderful country. Do not lose sight of what matters most, relationships. I have seen too many people burn bridges and lose a relationship with friends or family because of political beliefs.