Three Benefits of Vitamin D

Like most kids growing up, you probably took a daily vitamin whether it was the gummy or Flintstone variant. As adults, however, we get so busy and are often not as good about taking care of ourselves. One of the most overlooked vitamins is vitamin D and it happens to be one that our body naturally produces by getting exposure to direct sunlight. Let’s take a look at three benefits of getting some time in the sun:

1. Vitamin D reduces depression

During this holiday season, depression and anxiety become major problems for many people. Studies have shown that vitamin D is good therapy for helping individuals suffering from depression and anxiety. Another study showed vitamin D to be an effective therapy for most individuals.

2. Vitamin D helps you stay healthy and not get sick

The sun is effective at fighting most diseases. One study found vitamin D and vitamin C to be important for fighting the common cold. There is tremendous research that suggests vitamin D is critical in fighting many common diseases like dementia, heart disease, and diabetes.

3. Vitamin D may help with weight loss

A study done in 2014 suggests that individuals with proper vitamin D tend to experience greater fat loss than those with a deficiency in vitamin D. Unfortunately, numerous studies have shown a link to vitamin D deficiency and obesity.

For adults, it is suggested we get 600 – 800 IU per day. Aside from direct sublight, certain foods can be great sources of vitamin D as well:

Like anything in life too much of almost anything is bad so keep Harvard Health has an excellent article discussing this. It can be tough this time of year to maintain proper levels of vitamin D so be intentional in maintaining your vitamin D levels for improved mental and physical health!