BFSG Climate Change and Green Portfolios

A lot of thinking, preparation, and research have gone into the making of the BFSG Climate Change and Green Portfolios. We didn’t want this investment opportunity to be a “copycat” product, but a unique investment portfolio built on the fundamental investment principles that have guided our company’s value analysis and to interject important environmental factors into our investment process. Building upon this foundation, the portfolio managers will maximize their research collaborations with BCA Research, Alpine Macro and others in an attempt to improve portfolio performance. A series of proprietary criteria factors have been developed in order to build a quality green portfolio. The portfolio will invest in the securities of environmentally (green) responsible and sustainable global companies that make an environmental contribution.

Differing from many other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment portfolios, the BFSG Climate Change & Green Portfolio will focus on the environmental opportunities that will reduce greenhouse gasses, reduce carbon footprints, increase building efficiencies, enhance and improve environmental sustainability

 Portfolio Objectives

  1. Invest in companies that respect biodiversity and natural environments
  2. Invest in companies that reduce greenhouse gasses
  3. Invest in water and water infrastructure
  4. Invest in timber properties that sell FSC certified wood and building materials
  5. Invest in environmentally responsible farmland
  6. Invest in companies that either improve building energy efficiency or make their companies more energy efficient
  7. Invest in existing and future clean technologies
  8. Invest in companies that enhance environmental sustainability
  9. Invest in companies that make a positive contribution to a recognized green purpose
  10. Avoid investments in real estate and other investments that may be subjected to extreme weather, wildland fire hazards, coastal storm surges
  11. Avoid companies that have violations against the Clean Water Act
  12. Avoid investments in industrial polluters
  13. Avoid companies that use harmful chemicals or materials in their products
  14. No investments will be made in fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, except for electric utilities that are making conversions from coal and oil fired plants to natural gas, solar and wind


Click Here to download the BFSG Climate Change and Green Portfolios Brochure

Please Note: Socially Responsible Investing Limitations. Socially Responsible Investing involves the incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into the investment due diligence process (“ESG”). There are potential limitations associated with allocating a portion of an investment portfolio in ESG securities (i.e., securities that have a mandate to avoid, when possible, investments in such products as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, oil drilling, gambling, etc.). The number of these securities may be limited when compared to those that do not maintain such a mandate. ESG securities could underperform broad market indices. Investors must accept these limitations, including potential for underperformance. Correspondingly, the number of ESG mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are few when compared to those that do not maintain such a mandate. As with any type of investment (including any investment and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by Benefit Financial Services Group), there can be no assurance that investment in ESG securities or funds will be profitable, or prove successful. Investing involves risks, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment portfolio or strategy will be successful or meet its objectives. Portfolios discussed may not be suitable for all investors. Investments and strategies outlined in this presentation are not provided as personalized investment advice and should be discussed with an advisor prior to implementation.


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