Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Over the years there have been many studies on the wealthy to find what habits they share.  This is important because the reality is our habits shape us and impact our health, wealth, and happiness. Let us explore just a few of the most common habits that have to lead many individuals to become self-made millionaires:

1. They do not follow the crowd – Often these individuals are independent, critical thinkers and do things that go against the grain.

2. They are constantly reading – While most individuals watch hours of tv each day, the rich typically read at least half an hour daily and focus more on education than being entertained.

3. They exercise regularly. – The same habits that are needed for good health like consistency and discipline are also needed to grow wealth, so it is not a surprise to see that they exercise often.

4. They develop and pursue goals – To become a self-made millionaire does not happen by accident. These individuals often dream and set realistic goals to attain their dreams. They are often self-motivated because they are pursuing a passion.

5. They surround themselves with other successful people – As the old saying goes we are the company we keep. Often these individuals seek other like-minded individuals to spend their time with. This allows them to consistently learn from and motivate each other.

6. They get up early – For many people this is quite painful and again an example of how millionaires tend to not follow the crowd. Getting up early is a great life hack. It provides more opportunity to prioritize your day and allows you to accomplish important tasks (like reading and working out) without disruption.

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