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Current Webinar Series

We concluded our Fall Webinar Series in November of 2021. Please check back regularly for updates on when we will announce our next series. We are currently reviewing survey responses from the last series and look forward to building a customized program based on our viewers’ input. If you would like to be sure and receive the latest financial planning content from BFSG, as well as an invitation to every webinar and series, you can join our email list here.

We always suggest you find and subscribe to BFSG University on YouTube or Vimeo to ensure you never miss the latest educational videos and presentations, many of which are pre-recorded and not broadcast via live webinar.

REPLAYS from 2021 – Watch the replays from our most recent past financial planning and retirement planning webinar series (each is approximately 30-60 minutes, plus a recorded Q&A):

Additional financial and retirement planning content from 2020

See below for a short series of additional financial and retirement planning content from BFSG:

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Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Roth in Retirement Plans

Navigating Volatile Markets (Preview)

Navigating Volatile Markets (FULL) 2020

Sequence Risk

Social Security Considerations

Critical Ages for Retirement