Activities You Can Do During COVID

It is natural to be going a little crazy at this point in the process of dealing with Covid-19. Many of us have little ones at home and they (like their moms and dads) are no longer happy staring at the same four walls and they want to get out and explore. Luckily, things are beginning to reopen and below is a list of some activities you can do during Covid-19:

• Kayaking or Canoeing
• Paddle Boarding
• Hiking
• Horse Riding
• Fishing
• Golf
• Disc Golf
• Shooting Range
• Bike Riding
• Visiting botanical gardens like LA Arboretum or Sherman Library
• Happy Hour via Zoom (or similar alternative) with friends and family
• Learn a new hobby via YouTube like playing a guitar
• Try a new workout routine (there are plenty of free workout videos out there)
• Virtual tours of Museums or National Parks

This list is far from comprehensive. Be creative and indulge in what interests you have been putting off. Now is an excellent time to expand your horizons and do something you love or have been scared to do. Maybe that means learning a new language or writing a book. Whatever it is, make the most of this time to sharpen your skills and try some of these activities to improve your mental health.

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